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Kate is amazing!! Her gentle techniques have been life changing. I Highly recommend Kate to anyone that is having any problems with non sleeping babies. After nearly 12 months of struggling with our son not sleeping through the night or wanting to have day naps She has made our whole household very happy!


Kate has so many tips and tricks for you to try to find the right thing to suit you and your baby. Knowing that Kate has the science knowledge behind her is reassuring and she is so gentle in her approach. My babies have turned into great sleeping children as we set up great routines right from the beginning. I would highly recommend!


I cannot recommend this enough! After my phone consultation I felt confident, empowered and motivated to tackle the sleep problems I was facing during day time naps with my 3 month old. Thank you so much for the support, information and kindness, it helped me massively during a very tough time!



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