“I am so relieved that I finally had the confidence to make an appointment. It has literally been life changing for us and our beautiful baby who has never been happier. There is so little quality information out there for parents who need specific help with sleep. Thank you...”
— Jenny and Noah
“My greatest fear and biggest success was surrendering myself to this process and fully committing. The only regret I have is that I waited far too many months to speak with Kate. Her advice and options are flexible, however, I really wanted to be specifically directed and this occurred in a very respectful and natural way. I now have a baby that is a brilliant sleeper, and I also have the tools to make life so much easier when our next baby arrives.”
— Rachel and Harry
“Kate was able to connect with me on a level that I just couldn’t find elsewhere. Her qualifications gave me a lot of confidence at face value, but it was most definitely the personal connection and her ability to really ‘hear’ my family’s story that made our Babysomnia experience so positive.”
— Sam and Lily
“I would highly recommend Babysomnia to any family struggling with baby sleep issues. This is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.... we weren’t given a pamphlet and a few comforting generic words. The whole experience felt very personal and Kate connected with me mother to mother in a way that I really needed during a very challenging time. There is something very unique and special about her approach.”
— Georgia and Theo