Comprehensive Sleep Collection

Comprehensive Sleep Collection

$499.00 AUD

This collection includes a range of sleeping essentials, as well as some products we swear by as newborn must-haves. This collection is not just for baby though! We have also included some essential needs for you as a new mum with the aim that even if they have to be practical – you can still feel luxurious using them.


  • 1 x Flatout Bear: We promise you that this will quickly become one of your child’s most treasured possessions and we feel very strongly about the importance of introducing a life long comforter
  • 4 x Aiden and Anais swaddle: These muslin swaddles are absolutely essential for safe swaddling and trust us you want to be swaddling your baby! Swaddled babies sleep better and longer!
  • 1 x Gro Bag 2.5 TOG sleeping bag: This sleeping bag is designed for the winter months when you want to ensure that your baby is nice and warm overnight and we will talk you through why sleeping bags are essential
  • 1 x Aiden and Anais 0.6 TOG summer sleeping bag: This sleeping bag is made from muslin material so it is extremely breathable in those warmer months
  • 1 x Bursts Bees Cream to Powder: We can’t rave enough about this bottom cream. Spread it on thickly and after a period of time the moisture in the cream converts to a baby powder. It’s sheer genius and an all-time nappy changing essential.
  • 1 x Burts Bees Baby Sample Pack: We love all things Burts Bees and so we have given you a sample pack of the entire baby range so you can fall in love them too!
  • 1 x Burts Bees Mama Tips and Toes Sample Pack: Because it’s important to feel nice, we have included a mama’s sample pack of beautiful products to pamper your hands, feet and lips
  • 1 x 5 assorted Bamboo Nursing Pads: while leakage may not be very glamorous, these nursing pads certainly are
  • 1 x Bubba Blue Bamboo Mattress Protector: mattress protectors are essential in maintaining a clean mattress, but they are not all the same. This custom bamboo fiber is more breathable than generic brands which means your babies head won’t sweat so much when they are lying on them
  • 1 x Oi Oi Changing Mat Clutch: sometimes you need to get out the door but don’t want to have to take your entire nappy bag. These Oi Oi clutch change mats are perfect for when you need to take the essentials and still look gorgeous
  • 1 x Roger Armstrong Room Temperature Egg: Room temperature is really important as we all sleep better when it’s on the cooler side. This egg changes colours so you can quickly tell if the room is too hot or too cold or just right and we will walk you through the science behind this important tool
  • 1 x Aiden and Anais Dream Blanket: This beautiful blanket is made from muslin material so it is not only soft and cosy but it is also breathable. It’s perfect for the cot or in the pram or for playtime on the floor
  • 1 x Mama Drink Bottle: Mothering is hard work! And particularly if you are breastfeeding you will be amazed at how thirty you are. We want to make sure that this becomes one of your key "tools of the trade", so make sure to keep your bottle handy at all times - hydration is key!


RRP $577