EXP Sleep is a very busy time!!


The importance of quality sleep to the neurological and physical development of babies and children cannot be overstated; everything from memory consolidation and formation of neural pathways, to mood regulation, cell regeneration and the release of vital growth hormones occur during sleep - quality sleep helps children and babies feed better, regulate moods and reach milestones.

Teaching your baby sleep skills establishes a strong foundation for their learning and development

Sleep is something adults take for granted, but it’s a skill we learn as babies and children. Your baby can learn strong, independent sleep skills that will set them up for the busy task of growing - and give you some much needed rest too.
My work as a sleep specialist takes a mother- and family-centric approach; because no baby or family is the same, I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all model. My job is to take the time to understand your needs, and tailor an approach that will best serve you and your family.