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If you’re reading this, you’re probably among the many parents – the vast majority, actually – who encounter sleeping problems with their baby at some point or another. Common problems include having to feed or hold your baby for them to fall asleep, short catnaps, frequently waking through the night and toddlers who refuse to stay in bed. Many parents find that solving these sleep dilemmas on their own can be overwhelming.

It's the perfect storm, really: exhaustion, conflicting advice (so much conflicting advice!) and the general upheaval of a tiny new member of the family. It's no wonder that so many parents – first-timers especially – feel confused, stressed and unsure.


It's really common for parents to feel overwhelmed with the challenges of a new baby


Sleep is essential for your baby, but self-care for parents is also vital so you can parent calmly and confidently.

The baby product market is booming. There are a lot of really brilliant and essential baby merchandise available, and equally plenty of impractical low-quality gear…..but where to start?

At Babysomnia we have taken the guesswork out and are passionate about ensuring your investment is sound and will stand the test of time. Our clients have raved about circumventing hours in baby superstores by leaning on a system based on useful, proven and personal trial and error. With eight children between us, trust us we have spent an inordinate amount on the wrong products on our path to nailing the right ones! We love every hand selected piece in our beautiful collection and guarantee you will not be disappointed.  

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