EXP Sleep Support for Pregnancy, Newborn and Beyond

 Newborn sleep consultations

Access remote professional sleep support before and after pregnancy with one of our one-on one consultation sessions. Our PhD sleep specialist Kate will answer any questions you have and give you expert tips on how to get better sleep for you and your family. View our sleep support sessions below and make a booking at a time that suits you.

Antenatal Support - Video Session



The last few weeks of pregnancy is the perfect time to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills you’ll need for your life with your newborn.

Through a 2 hour video consultation you’ll get expert insights from our sleep specialist Kate who holds a Ph.D. in sleep psychophysiology. Plus, you’ll get tips on how to get better sleep in your last weeks of pregnancy. 

By the end of our session you’ll be confident in:

Consultations are held via a Zoom video call.


Postnatal Support - Video Session

Life with a newborn can be challenging, especially if you and your baby aren’t sleeping well. Be guided and supported during this period by our sleep specialist Kate, who holds a Ph.D. in sleep psychophysiology. 

In a personalised, 2 hour video consultation session, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the first 6 weeks with your baby. 

By the end of our session you’ll be confident in:

  • Understanding your newborn’s sleep patterns.
  • Knowing how to swaddle safely.
  • Implementing different settling strategies.
  • Establishing the foundations for healthy sleep habits.
  • Creating a sleep schedule that works.
  • Problem solving any sleep issues that may arise.

Plus, you can ask Kate any questions that are specific to your needs.

Consultations are held via a Zoom video call.


Baby's Sleep Support - Phone Consultation

During this consultation we will cover the fundamentals of how sleep works and how you can set yourself and your baby up for healthy sleep habits both for now and in the future.

We will cover all the different strategies and approaches for helping your baby learn valuable sleep skills and will give you a tailored solution for settling your baby.

A phone consultation is also if you feel like you are generally on the right track but need a refresher or an updated approach as your baby develops.

This consultation includes:

  • A 60 minute consultation.
  • A comprehensive sleep assessment.
  • A personalised sleep plan for your baby.
  • 1 weeks text/email support as you implement your plan.

Please reach out if you have any questions.