If you’re reading this, you’re probably among the many parents – the vast majority, actually – who encounter sleeping problems with their baby at some point or another.

Common problems include:

  • having to feed or hold your baby for them to fall asleep
  • short catnaps during the day
  • frequently waking through the night
  • waking super early and ready to start the day at 5am
  • toddlers who struggle to stay in their own bed

It's the perfect storm, really: exhaustion, conflicting advice (so much conflicting advice!) and the general upheaval of a tiny new member of the family. It's no wonder that so many parents – first-timers especially – feel confused, stressed and unsure.

I am a researcher and I feel really passionately about giving people evidenced-based information about how sleep works and the different approaches that we can use to help your baby increase their sleep skills.

Learning how sleep works and what is normal as your baby grows and develops can help you feel empowered to make changes that feel right for you and your family and most importantly, are then sustainable in the long term!  

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