About Us

In today’s globalised world, a huge range of different baby products and services are available to new families – of widely varying quality, safety and efficacy.  The choice can be overwhelming, particularly given the scarcity of independent advice and scientifically-based evidence.

Babysomnia is a premier, specialised baby sleep service offering both expert advice and market-leading products with the aim of enhancing the sleep of your baby and ensuring the related confidence, comfort and health of you as a new mum. Being truly independent and trusted experts in the field – due to both formal research and training at some of the world’s most prestigious universities and, just as importantly, from experience as mothers of 8 young children. Our experience and advice is therefore a combination of scientifically derived evidence coupled with the practical realities of motherhood.

The products available at Babysomnia represent a tightly curated range with only those products that we’ve judged to be the best, highest quality, most effective in their field making the grade. We’re not commercially endorsed by any of the products in our range, but rather have made our selections based purely on the quality and benefits offered by each individual hand selected piece. 

Just as importantly, all of the products in our collection are those that we ourselves have used – with great success – with our own children. Your children are the most important aspect of your world, we wouldn’t recommend them otherwise! At Babysomnia, you can shop with the confidence that you’re buying the best for your baby and for yourself.



Kate Johnson Ph.D.

Kate is a Melbourne-based sleep specialist and mother of four, with a Ph.D. in sleep psychophysiology – or in layman’s terms, the science and biology of sleep.  With her extensive scientific background in sleep research and family-centric approach, Kate offers sleep advice to parents of babies and young children that is both rigorously research-based, and individualised, taking into account the strong emotional and social components of sleep training. She is also passionate about education and empowering parents with a better understanding of how sleep works.  In addition to her work in the sleep community, Kate currently holds the voluntary position of the Chair of the Parents’ Advisory Group for the Children’s Cancer Centre at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Victoria.

Kate graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) in 1997 and a Ph.D. in 2001.  She subsequently undertook Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Human Sleep and Neuroscience Programs at Stanford Research Institute, where she was the manager of the human sleep research laboratory and later held a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. As an expert in this field, she has also lectured and published extensively in international peer reviewed journals.


Kelly Hill

Kelly Hill is a highly successful Australian small business entrepreneur.  Subsequent to her university studies in communications and public affairs in Canada, Kelly returned to Australia, establishing, managing and rapidly growing a leading property services consultancy in Canberra.  As with Kate, Kelly has four young children – and a strong quality-based consumer advocacy focus.  Kelly is a past winner of the Telstra Small Business Award in the Australian Capital Territory, with her company being the first to proactively require the employment of fully certified and qualified professionals, which has subsequently translated to an industry norm.  Her company is also a major contributor to several grassroots charities in the Canberra region.