Confidently navigating sleep through the early years of childhood

Creating healthy sleep habits & adapting to your child’s development without sleep deprivation, tantrums, and 2nd guessing.

This is for parents who…

  • Want to know more about early childhood sleep 
  • Want to create solid sleep foundations that set their child up with healthy sleep habits for life 
  • Whose child is reaching a new developmental stage and needs new strategies 
  • Want to check in with me to modify current approaches 
  • Want to stay up to date with latest sleep research 

Consider this as your Sleep Toolkit 

Everything you need to know about building strong, healthy sleep habits!

My mission is to share with you my extensive sleep knowledge to empower you so that you can have the confidence to teach your baby to love sleeping.

I’ll show you the steps that you need, so that you know what to expect at different stages of your child’s sleep development.

I want to stack your toolbox with tips and information so that when things go pear shaped (and they will from time to time!) you’ve got what you need to get you back on track.  

This will set the foundation for healthy sleep habits that will support them as they grow.  

Hi I'm Kate

The Babysomnia Sleep Skills Masterclass is designed to help you navigate the complex world of sleep by supporting you every week as long as you need.  

This membership will make it easier for you to be more confident and more knowledgeable about sleep, so that it’s easier for you to stay on top of things, feel less stressed and enjoy life more!

Especially when you’re hitting a rough patch and need some reassurance that it’s not something you did wrong but something that happens because sleep is so wonderfully dynamic.  

And that means that there are always options to get you back on track.

I created this masterclass to build a community of parents who talk, think, and feel about sleep in a more positive way and understand that sleep is an evolving process that needs adaptable strategies.  

Here’s what's included in your membership

  1. Live Q&A's where you can ask any question about  your child's sleep
  2. A month by month cheat sheet containing tips and tricks to help you navigate that stage of sleep development  
  3. Once a month a webinar with more in-depth advice 
  4. Guest appearances from other experts  
  5. An online community where you can post questions or give advice to other parents 

Founding member special price of $49/month (regularly $97/month)

That’s actually alot less than you spend on coffee to keep you awake throughout the day!! 

Frequently Asked Questions

No - not at all. You can subscribe for as long as you like and you can cancel at any time. 

Yes - this membership is designed to deal with sleep development from newborn through the early years of your child's life.
A topic may not be relevant to where you are right now but they are in the library for when you do get to that stage!

You get to ask 2 questions a month - either during the LIVE call or if you can't attend you can email me and I will get back to you. 

The Upcoming Calendar can be found HERE.  

During these calls, I will answers any questions you may have.

If you wish to receive reminders prior to the live calls, be sure to register for them by clicking the ‘Register’ linked button. 

I upload the replay of the call 24-48 hours after the scheduled time, so you can check it out later at a time and date that suits you, or in case you miss it!

I don't just have a certificate in sleep training - I have spent my career researching sleep!

Experience and qualifications

University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
Ph.D. Sleep Physiology  

Stanford Research Institute, USA
Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Human Sleep and Neuroscience Programs.  
Manager of the Human Sleep Research Laboratory.  

Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, USA
Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Division of Sleep Medicine.  

Lectured and published extensively in international peer reviewed journals.  

Member of International Association of Child Sleep Consultants
Member of  the Association Professional Sleep Consultants  

Current volunteer work

Chair of the Parents’ Advisory Group for the Children’s Cancer Centre at the Royal Children’s Hospital  

Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Children's Cancer Foundation
Chair of the School Education Advisory Board at St Bernadette's Primary School  

The idea of the membership is for you to learn and understand more about sleep and how it develops.
If you are experiencing an acute sleep issue and need more in-depth support then a 1:1 consultation is for you! 

The traditional way of dealing with early childhood sleep is waiting until you’ve got a problem and then try to solve it. I want  to prepare you with knowledge and tools to avoid the problem in the first place! You’ll think more positively about sleep and have the confidence that everything you are dealing with is completely normal and fixable! 

The Sleep Skills Masterclass monthly membership is $47 p/month.

One payment every 30 days. Your billing date will be the day you joined Sleep Skills (e.g. if you joined on the March 5th - each monthly payment will occur on the 5th of each month).

Please email if you have any questions at all. 

Kate has continued to provide us with invaluable advice to maintain healthy sleep habits during our son's early years and with the birth of our second child has helped nurture independent sleep from the early months and beyond.