The Self-Settling Project is for you if you want to teach your child how to fall asleep independently!

You feel like you are doing all the “right” things...

You have the room totally black, you have white noise on, you have quiet time.

You know you are supposed to put them in the cot when they are awake so when you see the tired signs you try to gently lower them in.

But the crying starts almost immediately!

You try shhhing or patting but this only makes it worse.

You try leaving the room or swapping with your partner and this escalates the situation to hysteria.

So now the only way to settle is to pick your baby up and hold or feed to sleep.

You feel like it's the only way you can get some sleep so you keep doing it!

Are you...

Confused by all the conflicting information out there about sleep

Desperate to make a change but you’re finding it hard to know where to start 

Struggling to find a clear evidence-based approach to follow

child asleep in bed cuddling a soft toy

I developed the Self-Settling Project so you can teach your child to learn how to self-settle!

This is a practical online course to teach your baby how to fall asleep independently.

The Self-Settling Project is a game changer for parents who:

  • want to understand more about sleep 
  • want to implement an approach to self-settling that aligns with your parenting values
  • want to make positive and sustainable sleep associations 
  • want the whole family to get better sleep
  • want their baby to be able to go to sleep in different environments and with different people
mother cuddling her baby on a bed

Our 12 mth old son was sleeping little during the day, taking an age to put to sleep at night and waking frequently. Kate laid out the science and then gave us a clear structure to work to. Improvement came within a couple of days and now, two weeks later, our son self-settles every time and sleeps through the night. Could be the best decision we have made all year! Highly recommended.

-  Leigh and Nadine

The Self-Settling Project comes in 6 modules 

When you are really tired, it is hard to take in a lot of information and process it – so I have broken it down for you so that you can digest the information at your own pace.

Module 1: Success Foundations to Implement Change

baby nursery with a cot
  • Discover how your child’s brain works in relation to learning    
  • Understand why sleep is so important for your child’s development  
  • Learn how you can develop sleep skills while not changing attachment  
  • Finally feel confident that letting your child feel frustration is not going to increase their cortisol and damage them!  

Module 2: Understanding How Sleep Works

baby nursery with a cot
  • Learn about the underlying mechanisms of how sleep works  
  • Use this information to be able to set a sleep schedule that promotes regularity and longer sleeping 
  • Find out the best times to try this new approach to get the best results and increase your confidence   

Module 3: Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits

baby nursery with a cot
  • Discover the essential steps to building the foundations of healthy sleep  
  • Know how to get you and your partner on the same page so you feel supported and aligned 
  • Find out how to make a comforter your child’s new favourite thing  
  • Learn how to support your child to go from parent led to baby led sleep associations  

Module 4: Optimising Your Sleep Environment 

baby nursery with a cot
  • Learn how to optimise your child’s sleep space   
  • Find out the ideal room temperature for safe sleeping  
  • Know exactly how to dress your child for sleeping to ensure they are warm but not overheated   
  • Get strategies for how and when to use things like blockout blinds and white noise  

Module 5: The Steps to Self-Settling

baby nursery with a cot
  • Learn what you child is telling you when they cry, so you know how to respond  
  • Step-by-step plan for teaching your child to self-settle  
  • Know exactly how to navigate stalling behaviour and multiple requests for” just one more”! 
  • Get your evenings back!  

Module 6: Effective troubleshooting

baby nursery with a cot
  • Learn how to troubleshoot when things don’t go to plan   
  • How to wean down from night feeding  
  • Get tips on early morning waking  
  • Practical strategies for how to deal with illness, a new person performing the bedtime routine or going on holidays  

This course gives you:

  • On-demand access: Work through each section at your own pace. 
  • Bite-size help: I know you are tired, so each video is short and practical   
  • Access: to an exclusive Facebook group of other like-minded mamas and me for support and tips  
  • Confidence: so you can relax knowing you are doing the right thing and not damaging your baby 
  • Support: group coaching and Q&As   
  • Evidence-based strategies: These approaches are backed by scientific research  
  • Long-term results: The step-by-step approach to learning how to self-settle 
  • This approach sets your child up for healthy sleep habits so they can get on with the busy job of growing  

Frequently Asked Questions

This approach for self-settling is appropriate if your baby is 6 months +.

You will have access to the course material for a year. This way it allows you to go back over things if you need to review later!

No, because leaving your baby to cry it out won’t teach them how to learn to sleep!
This approach is evidence-based and proven to be safe. The strategy acknowledges the way your baby’s brain is wired with regards to pattern recognition and in that supports them as they learn new skills. 

If you run into any problems, all you have to do it email me, at 

Yes!!  Solving sleep problems can feel lonely at times (particularly in the middle of the night) so belonging to a community where you can share your experiences and support each other is a really important component of success.

I am a big believer of celebrating wins so I love seeing what you are achieving!   

You can keep Googling in the middle of the night or you can just learn the steps to safely teach your baby how to self settle

you’ll also get a sought after FlatOut bear as a comforter - valued at $62 AUD

Introductory price $697 (normally $997)