Comprehensive Baby Sleep Collection

We curated this collection to be the ultimate range of sleeping essentials and must-haves for newborns to give parents peace of mind that their baby is safe, content and comfortable.

Each product was hand-selected with thought, care and backed with scientific research that demonstrates benefits for both baby and mum. These practical yet luxurious items also get the approval from our clients and are attested by our own years of experience using them.

Our Comprehensive Baby Sleep Collection will be your new go-to baby shower gift for mums-to-be. Or if you’re expecting, then treat yourself with this curation of sleep essentials that includes quality items for both you and your baby.

Discover what the collection includes and why it was selected: 

1 x Flatout Bear
This snuggly and soft bear is made from 100% Australian sheepskin. It’s popular amongst celebrities and will quickly become a child’s most treasured possessions. 

4 Aden and Anais swaddles
Did you know swaddled babies sleep better and longer? These muslin swaddles are an essential for safe swaddling. 

1 x Aden and Anais Dream Blanket
This beautiful muslin blanket is soft, cosy and breathable. Plus it stays snuggly soft even after washing making it perfect to use in the cot or for playtime outside or on the floor.

1 x Aden and Anais 0.6 TOG summer sleeping bag
This sleeping bag is made from muslin material making it extremely breathable in those warmer months.

1 x Gro Bag 2.5 TOG sleeping bag
This sleeping bag is designed for the winter months when you want to ensure that your baby is comfortably warm overnight.

1 x Burt's Bees Cream to Powder
Designed to be spread on thickly and liberally; the moisture in the cream converts to a baby powder leaving the baby’s bottom dry and smooth. It’s sheer genius and an all-time nappy changing essential.

1 x Burt's Bees Baby Sample Pack
This sample pack will nurture your baby's delicate skin. We love everything in the pack and we know you will too.

1 x Burt's Bees Mama Tips and Toes Sample Pack
It’s important for new mums to take a moment and look after themselves. Pamper your hands, feet and lips with these products designed just for mums.

5 assorted Bamboo Nursing Pads
Leaks during breastfeeding are unavoidable. But these reusable bamboo nursing pads are ultra soft and absorbent so you can leave the home with confidence. 

1 x Bubba Blue Bamboo Mattress Protector
Mattress protectors are an essential for maintaining a clean mattress. This one is made from a breathable bamboo fabric that will prevent your baby’s head from sweating.

1 x Oi Oi Changing Mat Clutch
Leave the big nappy bag at home and take this stylish a practical accessory with you instead. The clutch transforms into a changing mat and has plenty of pockets for all your essentials.

1 x Roger Armstrong Room Temperature Egg
This egg changes colours so you can tell if the room is too hot or too cold or just right. An essential for a good night’s sleep.

1 x Mama Drink Bottle
Hydration is essential to help produce the right amount of breastmilk and keep yourself healthy. Keep this bottle filled for when you're on the go.

This collection is value for money against standard retail prices and is your one-stop collection for everything a newborn will need.