Why Sleeping Bags Make for Safer Baby Sleep

Kate Johnson | 21 August, 2019

            Why Sleeping Bags Make for Safer Baby Sleep

Going back 13 years ago when I had my first baby, I think sleeping bags were more about their aesthetic appeal than anything else!

Grobags were relatively new and they came in some beautiful bright colours and designs. 

Since then, we now have considerable evidence as to the benefits of sleeping bags in promoting safer sleep. SIDS and Kids put out a statement emphasising the evidence-based reasons to sleep your baby in a sleeping bag.

These include:

  • they will keep your babies temperature at a more constant level while sleeping;
  • they reduce the risk of clothing covering your babies face;
  • they delay your babies ability to roll over onto their tummy during sleep until after the age of peak SIDS risk; and
  • they promote back sleeping as the zipper opens to the front.

As with anything that your baby is sleeping in, the things that you should be looking for in a good sleeping bag are:

  • the right fabric (something that is breathable);
  • ensuring that it has a fitted neck and armholes;
  • that it doesn't have hood or something that can go over your babies head; and
  • that it is the right size for your babies age.

Given the importance of temperature for safe sleeping, sleeping bags are ideal especially as your baby gets older and can kick the blankets off! A baby that is cold will definitely wake you up and let you know!!  

The other reason sleeping bags are an important component in your sleep toolbox, is that they become a cue to your baby that they are going to be going to sleep.

Babies learn how to do things through repeated exposure, so if your bedtime routine involves getting into a sleeping bag, this in turn helps with learning how to initiate sleep. 

Sleeping bags aren't just for those colder months either.

While these Grobag 2.5 TOG bags are great for winter, you still want a bag for the summer months. Aiden & Anais have a 0.6 TOG bag which is perfect as the material is breathable even for those really hot nights. 

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