Want to give a baby shower gift that will get used?

Kate Johnson | 16 April, 2020

            Want to give a baby shower gift that will get used?

There’s an insane amount of baby products out there in the market and plenty of new contraptions and gadgets popping up in shops every day. It can be overwhelming to navigate and if you’ve never had a baby before, it’s just impossible to know what to buy, am I right?!

So how do you sort the useful from the junk?

When my friends were having their baby showers, I would put together a box of all my favourite, essential items that made my life much easier when I had my babies.

I would add a little note about what each item did and why I loved it. My friends always valued the gift as they knew they were getting something practical and thoughtful. 

And naturally, I was happy knowing the gifts would actually get used and wouldn’t just be another toy cluttering up their home.

Let’s save you some time by cutting through to exactly what you need so you too can give a present that will actually get used, loved and cherished (ok maybe they won’t treasure breast pads but you get the idea).

So here’s my top five essential items that will give your friends some precious sleep and save their sanity when they have their newborn.

Muslim swaddles

We recommend swaddles for all new mums. For the uninitiated, swaddling is the art of wrapping a baby to help them feel comfortable and secure. And as a bonus they also look super cute and snuggly when they’re all rugged up. 

We recommend muslin swaddles as the breathable fabric will prevent overheating and allow the baby to sleep safely and comfortably. 

Consider these your number one must-have item for your baby shower gift.

Sleeping bag

Forget what you know about the big, daggy, camping sleeping bags. Baby sleeping bags are oh-so gorgeous and will help prevent a baby rolling onto the tummy during sleep until they're past the age of peak risk for SIDS.

Heading into winter, we recommend the Grobag as it will help keep you friend's baby warm and snuggly. The convenient front zip will allow for easy night time-nappy changes.

For a summertime option, the Aden and Anais Jungle Jam is the perfect cooling and breathable option for wee ones.

Flatout bear

Your mum-to-be friend is about to be given many toys. Many, many toys that will end up in boxes. But if you want to give a soft and cuddly toy that their baby will love for years to come, then look to the Flatout bear. 

They are just so adorable that kids fall instantly in love with them. They’re also super soft, luxurious and made from 100% Australian sheepskin; kids will want to take them everywhere.

That bear will grow to be a kid’s best friend and you’ll be the best Auntie (real or honorary) forever. Comes in chocolate, latte and milk colour options. 

Nursing pads

It’s going to happen. Your friend’s breasts are gonna leak and there’s nothing she can do about. But let her leak away in style and comfort (yep, this bliss of motherhood) with some super soft and sweetly designed nursing pads. 

We recommend Milkmaid Mumma Eco-Friendly Reusable Nursing Pads as the bamboo fabric will prevent any itching and contains 10 in a pack so she can change them as frequently as she needs. 

A super practical gift that will give your friend one less thing to worry about when she leaves the house. 

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Pack

This starter pack is the ultimate gift of five sample size products that your friend will need with her newborn. We especially love the Daily Cream to Powder that provides instant relief from nappy rash and protects from infections. 

These products are pediatrician approved and contain no harsh chemicals like phthalates, parabens, petrolatum or SLS.

Pro tip: there’s also a Burt’s Bees pamper pack for mum too.

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